The “Recent Activity” section in the dashboard is a list of your activities on Flowcite. It documents all of your activities, from today back to the very beginning. For example, some common activities are adding/updating/deleting a citation or reference, sharing a project with another user etc. You’ll also see activities of collaborators if you share your projects with other users.

Activities are sorted by date in descending order, so you’ll find your most recent activities at the top of the list. Also, the “Recent Activity” section is scrollable, so you can keep scrolling towards the bottom to keep viewing your activities.

You can also click on the “See All” button on the top-right corner to view all your activities.

Clicking on “See All” will take you to a new page that looks similar to the screenshot below:

Another cool thing about recent activity is that clicking on an activity block will take you to the relevant page. For example, clicking “New article Amazon mollies added to: Project 3” will take you to the project page of the project titled Project 3.

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