Flowcite’s web and desktop applications come with its own tabbed interface similar of what you might be used to from your preferred web browser. It allows you to switch between pages more easily. Not only can you have different pages open at the same time, you can also have multiple tabs/instances of the same page open. For example, think of a situation where you might need to search three different queries without replacing each other's results. One way would be to open the search page in three different browser tabs. Now we know that browser tabs can consume a lot of your machine’s physical memory, so we decided to develop our own tabbed interface to provide you the same feature in a cost-effective way.

Our tab system might be lightweight but comes with a lot of functional capabilities. You can drag-n-drop tabs to reorder them.

When more tabs are open that fit on your tab bar you can hover over them and use mouse scroll to scroll through tabs or use the left and right arrows on the right corner of the tab bar.

You can also navigate between pages within a tab easily by using the previous and next buttons (left and right arrows beside the top search box).

Finally you can close a tab by just clicking on the cross button of a tab.

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