What is a Similarity checker?

Text similarity detection allows you to ensure your paper is original and free of plagiarism. Running your paper through a text similarity detection tool is crucial to protect your reputation and maintain academic integrity.

A plagiarism checker analyses your text for similarities by comparing your document with external sources. Flowcite provides an embedded plagiarism detection solution powered by Unicheck. The tool compares your paper to billions of unique web pages in real-time.

How to work with the Similarity Report?

Our comprehensive Similarity Report delivers a smooth and seamless experience:

- Similarity Score indicates the percentage of overall text matches in your document.

- Each text match has a clickable source so that you can compare your text with the source.

- If necessary you can manually exclude some sources that are marked as a match, e.g. citations or other sources can be quickly excluded.

- Detects citations in various citation styles - MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago. Similarity Report highlights citations and references in your document to help you with proper citation formatting.

How to add a file for plagiarism check?

To upload a document click anywhere on the “Drop a document here or click to select one” box, and select a document from File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac). Select the document you want to upload and then click “Open.” After your document is uploaded, add a title to your file. Click the “Check for Similarity” option under the document uploader box.

My documents are private and personal. Will they remain confidential?

We don’t keep or share your documents with third parties. Unicheck is compliant with major data privacy regulations including GDPR and FERPA.

How much do I have to pay to check my document for plagiarism?

The payment will depend on the total word count and the total amount of pages in the document. One page is 275 words.

You can add your billing information by clicking on the “Pay Now” button in “Pending Order” next to your document. Also, you can see the due amount in the Total Amount section.

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