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Install Flowcite's Writing Extension for Microsoft Word

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Add citations and references from your library into a Microsoft Word paper with Flowcite’s Writing Extension. Go to the Apps section on the toolbar and install the plugin.

Click on Word Plugin to install the word plug-in. A confirmation box will appear; choose "Go to store". Close any open Word files before continuing. After clicking on the button, it will take you to Microsoft Store.

An installation pop-up will appear after clicking on Get it Now. Sign in to your Microsoft account and complete the installed process. After installation, there will be an option to open a word file.

Click on that and it will open the Microsoft Word file. Go to the Reference tab, you can see Flowcite there in the very right of the header bar.

Click on that and log in to your account by placing the respective credentials.

Pick references, citations or web sources that you want to add, and click "Add Items".

The references/citations/web sources will be added to your text and to the bibliography at the end of the document automatically. There is now also the option to add notes and markdowns in the document.

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