With Flowcite, you can get your paper proofread by subject experts and receive constructive feedback and suggestions. Our proofreaders will correct errors, no matter how big or small, to ensure your writing communicates your ideas clearly and correctly.

To use the service, choose Proofreading Service from the Apps menu either from the sidebar or dashboard.

To upload a document, select the project first. Choose your latex file from that particular folder or the user can upload it from their PC/Laptop. Then click on the next button to continue.

After your document uploads, type a description on “Enter Order Description” and the word counter will automatically take the word as input. Then select a service from the drop-down menu. Choose info from the drop-down “Select a Turnaround Time,” “Select Document Type,” “Select Style Guide,” and “Select Version of English” and click “Submit” below the document uploader.

The payment will depend on the word count and the turnaround time for the document. You can add card info by clicking on the “Pay Now” button.

Click on Order History and you can also review your already generated reports from the order list.

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