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A Buy and Rent Tool for Books

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Not sure whether to buy or rent a textbook? Let us help you make the right choice.

Flowcite Book store Buy Vs. Rent Tool takes the guesswork out of buying vs. renting textbooks. We compare the total cost of ownership of each textbook so you can decide if buying or renting makes more sense.

To use the service, choose Book Store from the Apps menu either from the sidebar or dashboard

To search for a Book you have to search for it first with the book name. On another side, if you have no particular book in mind and just want to bye/rent any book regarding the topic that you are researching you can search with the keyword.

You can also search for more accurate results in the Advanced filter with the Title, ISBN number, Author, Publisher etc.

After searching there will be a proper search result and there will be a "Buy or Rent" button. If you click on that button the list of availability will be given there for Rent of Buy.

Your purchase is just one step away, you have to click on the "Buy" or "Rent" button for the price that's good for you.

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